MaryAnn       Catherine     Nel (catshelter "De Kattenmand"
                                                                         in the Netherlands)
Big Boy
Once more a closeup of this magnificent creature.............Buttons
Spotty is a mischievous little guy, don't believe me - just look in his eyes ! All the stamina that goes with youth and no worries now in the world.
Tommy Thumbs was looking with disdain at Spotty's scene, but he is a total different (more civilised) cat.
Nathalie, as possessive as she can be: "What's up ?"
"He's mine, all mine"
After all the outside stuff, it was wise to take a coffee and have a chat on cats (what else ;-).
No seriously, we exchanged insights, ideas and whatever on anything, that could bear the daylight.
Nel was kept in place by the cute "little dog" Gizmo and the black/white cat
Starsky, yep named after the (in)famous tv series.........
We were already late, so
it was wise to hit the road
to get back to the village
in the woods near Yellow-
stone NP.
We'll be back again some-
where in the near future.
See more pics of the visit by friends from the  Dierenbescherming /
Dutch SPCA to the Last Chance Cat Sanctuary please
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            photoalbum on the left side.
A visit from the Dierenbescherming / Dutch SPCA and the catshelter "De Kattenmand" from Nieuw-Lekkerland / Netherlands, a short story by friends for friends.
Finally back again with our friends in Billings /MT, also with a cats of course.
A no-kill humane organisation. It was a very cosy get together again after 3 years, during which we both had our share of bad luck. For now life is back on the road again and that that's also the case for the nice cats back there in Montana's corner.
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When we finally arrived after some delays (jetlag), we were welcomed by Big Boy (the oldie white/black on the left) and of course Buttons (what a character he is !).
Buttons, being the cat with the 9 lives, of which are already (at least) 5 used in accidents, pure bad luck and a severe illness, he still looks as strong as ever.
What struck us, is his love for people and his tenderness, inspite of all the rotten things he lived through
during his earthy life as a cat ;-)
Catherine's Tshirt should have fitted me more, allergic as i am to mornings.
The long drive from our hotel in West Yellowstone to the outskirts of Billings did nothing to better my feeling being alive or not.
The way back was even worse through the darkness of the evening / night and inside the NP bison and elks on the road worsened the roadconditions.
Alas, who cares "cats
for all and all for cats" ain't it ?
Playing catch up in the shelter besides the house on anything cat and what's going on in the animal world in these economic weak times.
Seems it's the same as in the Lowlands by the Northsea in Europe: how to get volunteers, financial help and how to get help from local authorities.
It all was too familiar to our ears from the Netherlands. We had our share of problems too with
"the Windmillcats of Kinderdijk" - our feral catproject.
We were curious how life's going with the former (Hummer H1 like) tomcat, Nasty now some time passed by.
He has third eyelid problems, that are inflamated and is too sensitive to daylight.
By the way, Nasty was the name his former owner gave to him - in fact the name doesn't really fit him well. He's such a nice, friendly cat and likes being petted as nice cats do.
Nel (from the Dutch Catshelter "de Kattenmand") couldn't let go of Spotty, neither did he want to leave. He really enjoyed the petting and was all playfulness. In fact he did remind us at Femke, one of our cats at home, far away in the Netherlands. She was quite upset when we finally came home after a long flight from Salt Lake City by Minneapolis to Amsterdam.
After the shelter, we did take a look in the outside accomodation with heating, ventilation, ionic filters and even a fancy wallpaper (as you can see). While taking pics, i felt someone jump on my backpack and giving me licks, an occasional paw and some rubbing against my head - it turned out to be Nathalie, the kind black & white cat.
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My company after Nathalie, the backpacker, was Mary a pussycat with hipproblems; she cannot jump, thus she asked me by stretching a paw, to get her some place.
Never seen such a nice, polite, friendly cat.......................i was considering
to take her with us to our homestead, but i don't think our 3 cats would have accepted that out of this world idea, i guess.
There are many more to see at the Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, than displayed on this page; come on go there and see for yourself !
Catherine also has outside on her property besides the felines, a horse, 2 goats, a sheep and 4 doggies
- there's much more room here in Montana than in our small country with loads of river and dykes/ levees.
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